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American artist, Don Porcella creates sculptures from a very unusual medium, ‘Pipe Cleaners’. The New York based artist draws from his love of folk art, cartoons, sci-fi and his imagery of suburban to mould thousands of pipe cleaners into humorous representations of an imaginative reality.


Drivers became artists in the heart of Berlin and the Rosenthaler Platz intersection, the centre of one of Berlin’s creative areas. Cyclists poured paint from boxes infront of stationary cars at the intersection, forcing the cars to drive into the pool of paint.

Various colours of the 13 gallons of paint were dumped at different corners of the intersection, creating a unique system of colour bars and lines. An interesting ‘piece of art’? where car wheeels by force became large paintbrushes.

It’s great to see such a good response to our launch of the Creative Action Design page on Facebook, many thanks to our friends and fans.

If you haven’t seen our page yet, come have a look.

Volkswagen is renowned for it’s four-wheel concepts, but it was a two-wheel development which wow’d the audience at the 2010 Auto China show. The electric bike is part of VW’s ‘Think Blue’ mission to a more sustainable transportation mode.

With a range of 20 milometres, the new ‘Think Blue’ project is not meant for long distances, but rather to supplement the need for short car trips. Hitting a top speed of 20km/hr, it allows German riders to travel helmetless. Regardless of it’s performance details, the concept is a great development towards ‘green’ travel and a sleek, compact and simplistic design.

Our Creative Action Design iPhone Application, ‘Picture This’ is set to launch THIS FRIDAY. Keep watching this space for the release.

Qatar 2022 Bid introduces the designs for the first five proposed stadiums. The stadiums in the video are: Al-Wakrah, Al-Shamal, Al-Gharafa, Al-Khor and Al-Rayyan. Visit

Whilst playing around on the TED iPhone App, we came across Blaise Aguera y Arca. In the archives of May 2007, Blaise presented a presentation of ‘Photosynth’. Using images of oft-shapped objects (for example, the Notre Dame), photosynth creates a multidimensional space with live walkthrough and navigations. It’s shockingly amazing. It’s connected the storage of trillions of web images and created a 3D dimensional realm. A must-see video.

Laurence King is set to release ‘The Sneaker Colouring Book’ this month. The book is collection of 100 outlined drawings of popular sneaker designs, ready and waiting for a custom creation. Designed by Daniel Jarosch and Henrik Klingel from PKNTS in Berlin, the book features shoes from 18 major brands (Adidas, Converse, Nike, Puma etc). Hopefully we’ll take delivery of our copy and a set of crayons soon.

International firm Callison has undertaken ‘The Pearl’, a 14 million sq foot development in Doha, Qatar. The USD$2.5 billion island is both a community and tourist destination in an effort to diversify the country’s economy. The development is built directly ontop of a former pearl diving site, with it’s name paying tribute to both the site and the regions historical and cultural ties to the sea.

The site will host more than 30,000 residents in 10 distinct districts including beachfront villas,
elegant townhouses, five-star hotels, marinas, retail outlets, restaurants and luxury apartments.

Oh and I forgot to mention, we just bought one. (insert happy face)

Our good friends at SeymourPowell, leading UK design and innovation firm, have unveiled details of their visionary sustainable transportation concepts: AirCruise. The concept is a giant, diamond shaped airship powered by natural energy hosting travellers in style and luxury. AirCruise, originally a self-generated company project has now had offers from Samsung to further the develop the project. The floating hotel consists of large internal living, dining and relaxing space, whilst also room for a bar, lounge room, four duplex apartments, five smaller apartments and a penthouse. Congratulation and great work guys, hope to see more!

Well not exactly, but lately in the office we have been debating which of the newly-awaited cars is our favourite design. Our founder Ian Silverstein has led the charge with the Mercedes SLS AMG and his soon-to-be new Land Rover LRX. Our new Australian designer, Angus has joined the Creative Action Design family this month, but his submission of Ferrari’s new 599 GTO may be faster than the elusive Enzo but falls short to the sleek lines of the LRX concept.

Just took delivery of the latest Creative Review Annual. The Sun has been shining all week in St Albans, so it couldn’t have come at a better time. The cover by Craig Ward of Words are Pictures, uses an image that was literally grown in an immunology lab using pollen cells… interesting.

152 concepts, 348 revisions, 1195 vites and over 1500 pending submissions and the ‘Betacup Challenge’ is only 3 weeks in. The Betacup Challenge is asking designers to reinvent a product to reduce the wastage from unrecyclable coffee cups. $20,000 in prize money is up for grabs until the competition ends early June.

The Expo 2010 will be held in the city of Shanghai, China from May 1 to October 31, 2010 and is a scheduled World Expo in the tradition of international fairs and expositions. The theme of the exposition will be “Better City – Better Life” and signifies Shanghai’s new status in the 21st century as a premier global economic and cultural center. It is the most expensive Expo in the history of the world’s fairs. Here’s are some of our UK and Qatar office’s favourite picks.

The Creative Action Design team are happy to see the success of Qatar’s 2022 FIFA World Cup Bid. Today the Qatar 2022 Bid revealed the first five stadiums in Al-Gharafa, Al-Khor, Al-Rayyan, Al-Shamal and Al-Wakrah. It’s been a pleasure to have contributed to this amazing project. See more at

Imagine your in a bookstore or connivence store, unsure of whether to buy or not. You scan the barcode in and are able to browse through reviews, notes, comments, PDF’s, any digital files and/or opinions other have had. This is essentially StickyBits, an iPhone/Android application which allows you to scan the barcode on any physical product, giving you immediate content that others have tagged with that physical product.

Shanghai is set to open it’s arms to the World Expo 2010 and the world has responded with countries spend up big to innovate and intrigue. Norway has certainly hit the headlines spending over £140 million to create their pavilion, however it has been the UK’s £40 million design that has seen the most press. Designed the Thomas Heatherwick Studio, the 20 metre tall cube-like structure is pierced by 60,000 slim and translucent rods made from acrylic. The central ‘seed cathedral’ to the structure enables visitors to explore a variety of seeds implanted into the ends of each rod with the idea being ‘better city, better life’.

Adir Zilber, an Israeli industrial designer sent through his ‘Street Hopper’ concept to DesignBoom and was fortunate enough to have it go live on their pages. The Holon Institute of Technology student in Israel designed the project as part of his Industrial Design course. The concept is a cross between a scooter and vespa, targeted directly at urban work commuters. The ‘Hopper’ is rode standing, with two small footrests a rear mounted engine and urban-ready suspension.

Our friends at Volkswagen have unveiled yet another cool design releasing their latest concept, a taxi specially for Italy’s city of Milan. The ‘Milano Taxi’ has a single rear passenger door (milkman style) which slides completely open for ease of access and exit. The front passengers seat has been removed and replaced with a handy luggage area. The concept is designed to run off lithium battery granting an estimated 186miles of driving range. Great to see more and more developments in green-automotives.

Following our post of Theo Watson’s interactive artworks, we came across this display by Professor patrick Baudisch. The human-computer interaction professor has developed a multi-touch floor display capable of pressure-sensory detection and can even identify users based on the sole of their shoes.

iRetrofone by Freeland Studios have developed an attempt to merge the past and present designing the rotary iPhone accessory. This retro iPhone dock, cast from a single block of resin, functions as telephone with handset and speakers. The dock comes in 3 options of pink, clear and black (our favourite).

Microsoft has just released it’s latest telecom development, the Kin. The phone is designed for ‘active and social users’ (everyone really), that ties into more online services. Kin has been designed in two variations, a square and rectangular format. The phone is set to be release in partnership with Verizon in the USA and Vodafone in Europe with hardware by manufacturer Sharp.

Interactivity seems to be a reoccurring term used in the modern world. The success of the iPhone with applications and new interactive shopping experiences are a testament to this.

Interactive artist Theo Watson has developed ‘Portrait Machine’ an interactive exhibition connecting viewers with the installation. Three digital monitors are arranged on a single wall and a portrait studio hosted nearby. Each visitor poses infront of the camera for a portrait which is then analyzed for final arrangement by clothing choice, hair color, facial
expression and composition within the frame.

Danish firm Bayarch have developed designs for an alternate solution to the ‘Save the Hollywood Sign campaign’. £8 million, including the latest donation of £580,000 from Playboy’s, Hugh Hefner have saved the landmark from being torn down to make way for it’s original advertising purpose, real estate development. Bayarch’s concept transforms the landmark into a hotel, raising it to 105 feet tall and consisting of 308 rooms across 10 floors.

Global Homes have sent in images of the latest project, ‘Double Room’ to DesignBoom. The American firm have come up with an interesting holiday-home alternative which comprises a kitchen, bathroom, living and bedroom all in the same space. The portable studio is preassembled and by the looks of it, can simply be moved upon request of a pickup truck. The most comfortable camping can get, really.