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Now we’ve discovered a simple, stylish & easy to use mobile phone backup.

Soon to enter the marketplace ‘SOS’ or ‘Save On Sim’, is a SIM card based, phone book backup application. In 4 easy steps the user can back up their mobile phone contacts so that if they ever lose their phone, the contacts aren’t lost with it. Its sole function is to store the users contacts and phone numbers in a secure location, away from their main handset and as SOS is not Network specific, it can be used regardless of which Network a user is with.
Available in 2 options SOS 250 and SOS 500, you can store either 250 contacts in 2G & 3G handsets or 500 contacts in a 3G handset. Really simple to use SOS needs no power source either for the memory to work.
SOS comes with a branded locket (special safety mechanism to keep it closed securely) which the user can keep on their key ring or in a secure place, away from their phone
As an ideal Corporate and Retail product, both the SOS SIM card and the locket can be branded, perfect as a value added marketing tool. For further details on this innovative, Patented product, contact Paul Grinnall at GM Media Ltd on


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