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Sneakers are an expensive hobby. The cheapest pair of premium kicks you’ll find are $80, ifyou can find them. Living in a town that only recently got a Quickstrike account, I know what it’s like to stay up ’til 4 in the morning to order a pair of shoes from the other side of the Atlantic. Niche markets benefit from niche sites and that’s exactly what SneakerListing is. Recently launched, the site acts as a free marketplace for collectors to buy and sell sneakers. With the ability to sort and search by brands, keyword, condition, size, and a other criteria, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. As with any new service, it’s success really depends on how many people participate. It’s a Catch 22, because I feel like many people won’t start listing or buying until they see that others have done so successfully. Also, unlike eBay (partnered with Paypal) there are really no repercussions for fraud. Hopefully the pros of having a dedicated marketplace with informed buyers and sellers outweighs the cons.

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