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Time to let you in on a little secret. We can predict the future. We see…a strong drink in your hand. A feisty bombshell on your arm. And dancing. Much dancing. Welcome to the futuristic nightspot called Mi-6, now open at the edge of West Hollywood. You’ll find it in the former home of Foxtail, and if you really think about it, you’ll recognize the same basic structure as before. (It’s still in the hands of SBE, who’ve given you XIV and the Bazaar.) But it’s hard to really think when neon surges everywhere, digital shapes in the walls keep time with the DJ, and you just got ensnared by a cadre of lithe actresses who play vampires on some show or another—everything bouncing off itself in an endless swirl of vodka and mirrors. If you think upstairs is where you go to cool off—wrong. Another dance floor. Another DJ. More bottles. Two more bars. And if you sink deep into a curved banquette, blissfully weary if only for a moment, and happen to glance up at the coffered, mirrored ceiling above, you just might find solace in a touching film about some people who love each other very much…and also they like to writhe slowly in water, naked. Your kind of people.


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