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Earlier this year, Foster+Partners and Aston Martin, UK and Capoco design Ltd, UK won a joint first place with their designs for a new double-decker Routemaster bus for the city of London. now, it has been announced that vehicle-making company, Wrightbus from Northern Ireland, has received the contract as manufacturer for the transportation vehicle which is set to be ready by 2011, in time for the London Olympic games. The new Routemasters will bring back a more contemporary version of the bus which was first introduced in 1956. The design will boast a ‘greener’ approach to public transportation, incorporating hybrid technology. It will be 40% more fuel efficient than conventional diesel buses and 15% more fuel efficient than the existing hybrid’s the city uses. Nitrogen oxide emissions have also been slashed by 40%. Featuring two staircases, the new buses will revive the distinctive platform of the original Routemaster. Open platforms will be placed at one of the transportation vehicle’s three entrances (these platforms will be closed off at certain times, such as at night). An initial design of the bus will be presented early in 2010.


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