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‘House’ is a residence whose retired owner wanted a simple home with low construction fees where he could spend the rest of his life. The site where it is built is a peaceful village of gently-sloping ground with woods and few residences. The wall of the house starts as a site boundary, a continuous spiral, changing in height – getting progressively taller – which ends as a partition of a central single room within the home. The wooden structure’s individual spaces function as a field, a parking lot, work place, living room and bedroom, all placed within the spiral, and divided by the wall. The wall creates depth within the space and produces a rank of privacyamong the rooms. The residence is a one-storey building that has approximately 65 square meters of total floor area. Okada aimed at creating an image of endlessly continuing space giving a sense of security, highlighting gentle changes in the environment, enclosed by several folds.

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