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Got a case of the Monday mornings? If you’re like millions of us, a nice, hot cup of coffee might be your go-to cure, but what about all of those paper cups that go to waste just so that we can get our fix? Well, one Harvard biomedical engineering professor, David A. Edwards, has developed a product that may make getting caffeine into your system a little more efficient – if not also more creepy. Called Le Whif Coffee, Edwards’ java jolt comes in a biodegradable container about the same size as a tube of lipstick, and is ingested by inhalation instead of drinking – a strong reminder of the narcotic nature of caffeine. We’re a bit critical of Le Whif since it still comes in one-time use throwaway packaging (the best option would be if we could get everyone in the world to use a reusable cups for their coffee) but we think the idea of an alternative method of drinking coffee is interesting, if nothing else.


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