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French architect Jean Nouvel is responsible for the design of the new national museum of Qatar. His concept reflects the vanishing bedouin cultures of Qatar, in an effort to embrace the realities of a rapidly urbanization society, and maintain a connection to this fading world in which the country sprang. The starting points of the design began with the desert rose, which are tiny formations which crystalize below the desert’s surface. Made primarily from steel and concrete which
will be locally sourced / fabricated, the new building will be constructed from dozens of interlocking disclike forms varying in curvature and diameter. They will intersect at various angles, some standing, others acting as support elements or lying horizontal, creating an uneven pile. They will be made from steel truss structures, and will be assembled in a hub-and-spoke arrangement, all clad with glass fiber reinforced concrete panels. His design is a manifestation of the Qatari identity, through a building appearing as if it is growing out of the ground.


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