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Italy’s region of L’Aquila, rocked by an earthquake in 2009, are to build the ‘Church of the Resurrection’. The structure is a tribute to the 300+ victims who were tragically lost in the natural disaster. Italian firm Nothing Studio, has led the tent-like designed structure, which is said to be built with wood wrapped in a translucent membrane of fibreglass. A great project led by great design.


Constructed from the culmination of a camper and shopping kart, the ‘Camper Kart’ is the product of an investigation into mobility, housing and sustainability. ‘Camper’ series is an exhibition of some of these man-made mobile homes, currently on show for ‘Pignon Sur Rue’ at La Maison Folie De Wazemmes in Lille, France until June 6.

Testing wordpress feed for a new Creative Action Design addition. Excited!

Sleek lines, gunsmoke grey palette, subtle wooden decks with cream soft leather seats; unfortunately though this yacht only exists in the realm of 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design). Italian designer, Mauro Lecchi’s coroflot profile page is getting a few more clicks now with his concept Lamborghini yacht. The design draws inspiration from the limited edition Lamborghini Reventon, with a carbon fibre or kevlar lamination process and V12 Lamborghini dual motors.

Al-Handasah and Dubai Aviation Authority have commissioned Broadway Malyan to develop plans for a new leading international business centre, next door to the world’s largest planned Airport; the Dubail World Central International Airport. The project, titled ‘Commercial City’ is based upon 3 core principles: 1. creating a ‘commercial’ city 2. creating a world class centre, and 3. creating a city for the future.

Broadway Malyan’s masterplan covers 1,400 hectares of land, and had to fit within the overarching masterplan that already exists for the foreward-thinking Dubai.

Corian® Living is an interior design project created by Karim Rashim, an American designer. Rashim created the project in collaboration with DuPont Corian during this year’s Milan Design Week.

The sustainable concept utilizes the versatility and sensory quality of the DuPont Corian material thoughout the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room and garden. DuPont’s Corian is made with environmentally sustainable, bio-sourced components and recycled materials.

Each week, a member of the Creative Action Design team will pick an artist / designer of their choice to feature. This week features Peter Jaworowski and his incredible ability to transform the ordinary into a world of its own. I first stumpled upon Peter in art class whilst browsing sites like the of deviantart. Since then Peter has been commissioned to some renowned projects including Visa, Nike, Diesel, Red Bull and the likes (most of whom are now loyal clients).

Peter is a wizard with photomanipulation, his technical eye, vibrant colours and polished execution brand every Jaworowski production. Peter is now the co-owner of the Warsaw-based creative agency, Ars Thanea. He also writes for Reform & Revolution and Cpluv. Here’s just some of his work.

New pieces from Silpin Jr

Bag Cap by Copco

Cactus line of toilet brushes by Vigar

An unusual collaboration between healthcare company Humana, bike manufacturer Trek and ad house Crispin Porter + Bogusky, has resulted in the production of American bike-sharing system, B-Cycle.

Launching in Denver, Colorado; I hope the successful track record of similar european systems, led to greater numbers across the country. B-Cycle is hosting a voting system on their website where you enter your zip code to cast your vote to have one setup near you.

Californian Apple employee, Gary Powell has made headlines worldwide by leaving mobile left behind on a bar stool at a German beer garden in Redwood City, California. The mobile phone is reported to be a 4G iPhone prototype, which Apple Inc. has confirmed missing. This latest speculation, whether true or false has had an amazing public response, with Gizmodo receiving 3 million hits in the first 12 hours of posting the headline.

The public is now predicting that the 4G will be released sometime mid 2010, giving enough time for the iPad to cement itself and the addition of the iPhone OS4 upgrade. If so, 2010 will be somewhat of a memorable year for Apple Inc.

Helped by a Californian aerospace engineering company, the Devon Works Tread 1 watch is a complete work of art which not only looks amazing, but is recharged wirelessly and is built around an array of FOUR microstep motors. Each drives an underlying quartet of time belts. The indestructible Devon, retails at $15,000 USD.

Designed in Seoul and made in Korea, the newest iPhone bolt-on to launch is the Desk Phone Dock. The sleek design by Kee Utility, transforms the portable Iphone into a fully integrated and wired desk phone with microphone, built-in speakers, and USB & AC dual power sources. The dock allows you to switch freely between cellular network and WiFi to use VoIP at lower cost. Either way, it’s a nice alternative to the simple charging dock.

Flights throughout UK remain grounded as volcanic ash from Iceland’s eruptions continue to disrupt the airways. 6.8million passengers , including our founder Ian Silverstein have been affected by the resitrictions, leaving more than 150,00 Britons abroad.

The airlines are said to be losing £1 million an hour whilst planes remain grounded. Air traffic control body Nats today announced the restrictions on UK flights will be in place until at least 1am tomorrow.

Yuken Teruya

Peter Callesen

Whilst roaming the list of design blogs on Sunday evening I stumpled upon the works of Yuken Teruya and Peter Callesen. Both artists create something new out of, what would normally be regarded, as useless. With precision paper-slicing skills they turn found objects and waste into great artworks, rebirthing them into a new creative perspective.

Created by Wieden + Kennedy, Tokyo, ‘Nike Music Shoe’ is an unusually interesting ad for the Nike Free Run+ shoe. The ad is based on a live performance by Hifana, who by bending the flexible sole of the Nike Free Run+ shoe, creates different controls of sound.

The most fascinating thing about this ad is that it is infact not computer-generated. The shoes were wired with flexible and acclerometeric sensors. Great authentic work.

Some great concepts for high-end fast food packaging created by Amy Moss for The Cool Hunter, with the photography by Marija Ivkovic. Further developed was the creation of McMobile, a mobile McDonald’s distributing van.

We’ve recently been inspired in the office by the work of the late Memphis Group for a project we’ve been working hard on. Check out some inspiration we’ve been feeding off. Credit to the cool people at Core77.

Developed by University of Central Lancashire student Alex Creamer, this conceptual design for ‘NYC Spaghetti’ got onto TheDieLine’s books with a nice second place award. Alex’s design brief was to ‘package one of 5 difficult items i.e. eggs, a rose, custard powder, spaghetti or marbles’.

Yves Behar’s Fuse Project have collaborated with puma to develop the ‘Bye Bye Shoebox, Hello Clever Little Bag’. The sturcture of a shoebox is completely removed and replaced by… a ‘clever little bag’. The packaging structure is a cardboard sheet and a recyclable non-woven bag, reducing the use of cardboard by 65%. No laminated print or additional tissue paper results in more space and means there is less weight in shipping.

Patrick Molnar together with fellow German Phil Penninger, have assembled an impressive collection of Videogame Systems and early home computers spanning over the past 35 years.

‘From a pure design perspective, it’s brilliant to see how the gaming industry has evolved over time, and impressive to see how revolutionary the early-systems really were. Sure the games nowadays are insane high-def masterpieces, but nothing will ever beat the classic stylings of the wood-paneling on the Atari VCS.’

Created by Ballena Technologies, Seats3D allows users to see a three-dimensional rendering of a baseball, football or basketball stadium.

Seats3D allows you to select any seat in your chosen stadium and view a 360 degree rendering of the view!

22,742 pieces of Lego make a boardroom table for a new advertising agency in Dublin, Studio ABGC.

A cool chair we came across, made out of plywood to create a rib-like structure. “(The) Rapigattoli chair is an original design aiming to investigate the idea of adaptation and scale by transposing on the registers of the figurative and geometry drawing techniques on the materiality of a chair.” Form and function, a great piece of art and furniture.

A cool new spin to street art by Milwaukee-based artist Jesse Graves. According to Graves mud or earth is a fundamental life-giving substance, logical for his messages. Graves’ graffiti includes images of bicycles, bottles of oil, and cows. Simple, but a great message.

Bobby at Kitsune Noir continues to inspire with exceptional artist collaborations and has recently launched a new series of designer clocks. The first clock comes from Dan Funderburgh is available through Furni. Each piece features artwork that is laser-etched onto a 3/8” thick piece of high quality russian birch plywood to create a bold graphic interpretation of the quintessential wall clock. Each installment in the series is limited to 88 pieces and will only be available through The clock measures 16″H x 9″W and features custom designed, laser-cut graphics and hands.